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The Well

Marico Retreat @ ‘The Well’

"Listening to Life"
Summer Retreat

Facilitators on the retreat are locals :

GrantGrant Smith - has recently moved back to the Marico, after spending several years living in the U.K. Grant is a qualified Sound therapist with BAST (British Association of Sound Therapy) and a Kundulini yoga instructor. He spent a month living & learning from Thomas Camara, a Guinea drum master, in Gambia, where he was immensely inspired by the spirit of the drum… His passion is working with sound, especially in the way of sound journeys and the effect it has on consciousness….the gong being one of his favourite instruments, Grant spent 10 days on an intensive retreat learning the ways of the gong from Don Conreaux, international gong master and teacher.


EgbertEgbert van Bart - ''Indigene of the Marico and co-founder, with Santa van Bart, of the Groot Marico Information Centre where, since its inception 25 years ago, our focus had been community-based, eco- and cultural tourism. For us from the very beginning, the Groot Marico presented itself as a healing environment without equal. Being attentive to the spirit of the place enabled us to participate in an organically unfolding journey of discovery.

For the past decade we have found ourselves drawn progressively towards community ritual with sound and musical instruments as main focus. Sound journeys have become a way of sharing with others our discovery of that silence which we believe to be the essence of creation !''

Louis ''Thabo'' Muir - ''The African ''Djembe'' drum fulfils the role of the creative spirit - it is a projective tool and a connection for healing and creating personal power and puts the player in touch with its innate rhythm.
''The drum is one of the most powerful tools in the world'' - Helim 2001
Louis has trained under two nationally & internationally known drum masters: Heleniq Argyrou & Courtney Ward, and has successfully facilitated more than 500 drum circles to date.

The effect of drumming is a synchronisation of energy, a unity and a common purpose. When you hear the rhythm of the group and you contribute your beat, you are listening and playing, receptive and creative at the same time ! It speaks to all, instilling a profound connection between inner and outer worlds.''

TeresaTeresa Smith - has recently settled in the Marico after living in the U.K for several years, where she qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner at the ESS (European Shiatsu School) and a Hatha Yoga instructor. Committed to well being in general…Teresa enjoys assisting in sound journeys.