About RiverStill

This previously thriving citrus farm has been transformed into a rustic getaway almost 25 years ago.

Our story

Here the accent is on tranquillity, solitude and reconnecting with nature. A symbiotic relationship exists between lush nature and organic citrus groves fed by an old canal. This is a true birders haven with over 360 species in the vicinity and more than a hundred spots on the farm. River Still annually co-hosts the Herman Charles Bosman Festival were locals and guests enjoy music, drama, good food and each other's company. Around the main house grows a profusion of organic herbs which you may use to spice-up your salads or food.

Meet your hosts

Jacques and Louise

Jacques and Louise

All the dogs...

The Hounds from Hell

The dogs will lick you to death but be careful: they are masters at nicking unwatched food! They are great companions on hikes.

About Groot Marico

Groot Marico is situated in the North West Province about two and a half hours from Gauteng. A beautifully weird little dorp, made famous by Herman Charles Bosman and named after the clear and uncontaminated waters of the Marico river that runs through fertile valleys, then pass the dorp and hereafter opens up into agricultural plains.

Of note to visit is the Information Centre in the main road. They will also be able to direct you to the Bosman Living Museum where an exact replica was erected of the little school house where Bosman taught whilst in the Marico area. To contact the Information Centre, Call Santa at 083 272 2958

Cafe Verre specialises in glass products, mosaic and stained glass windows. Contact Ed at 076 420 1523

For more information, visit the Marico website, email at info@marico.co.za or phone 014 503 0085

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